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We are so glad you are here to share this space with us. 

We are on a mission to make toxic free living easy. Our Online store is filled with products that you can trust. We have reviewed the ingredients and quality of each product, if we wouldn't use it on our children you will not find it here.



A mom of 3 Toddler boys, she has her hands full. This city girl turned farm and now has cows,, chickens, a lone duck, and a whole swarm of bees. When she isn't running around cleaning up messes, she enjoys Zumba class, a cup of hot coffee, and sitting in silence. 



As a mom of 2 boys, a holistic doula, and schooling to become a Naturopathic Doctor most of her time is taken. In her spare time she is teaching dance or enjoying the Beach in Florida soaking up the sunshine and grounding herself with barefoot walks in the sand.